Who are we? What are our eco-friendly goals?

Love Letter Jewelry was founded in New York and is more than the typical e-commerce business. In the age of social media, it almost feels the world is getting colder with the constant texting back and forth. We believe in having a return of old-school love in the form of love letters. The name LOVE LETTER was born from this idea where the world needs more fondness for others, yourself and the environment. 

We believe every individual holds the power to make minor lifestyle changes that can benefit our environment. Plastic can be found anywhere and everywhere because it is so cheap but it is extremely harmful to the environment especially to the sea life. If we don't act now, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish on our ocean. Thus, all packaging utilized are reusable and recyclable, even the bubble mailers and shipping pouches used! 

We don't sacrifice quality of our products or our service. Oppositely, we care a lot about both and aspire to be exceptional. In today's society, excess supply had led to many containing less than 92.5% sterling silver yet still stamp on the 925 sign. We have ensured the goods we sell are checked to be 925 silver. If the jewelry is composed of other metals, it will be indicated on their description. 

Shop with us and share your love for the earth. Go green! :) 



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