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925 is the global symbol representing the percentage (92.5%) of sterling silver in a piece of jewelry. Why not 100% sterling silver? Pure silver is relatively soft indicating it can be easily damaged. Thus, the standard is to mix silver with other metals to be more durable. 

We have ensured our jewelry are checked to be 925 sterling silver. We have seen cases of jewelry having the 925 symbol stamped. Test results show it contains only 2.4% of sterling silver.  Due to this experience, we make sure the pieces we sell are checked to be 925 silver. If a piece of jewelry is not 925 sterling silver, it will be indicated on the product description of each individual jewelry piece. 

Keep it in mind, please be gentle with the jewelry when you put it on or take it off. 


Our pearls are real and each jewelry piece is handmade. In general, pearls take 2-6 years to be completely developed. The longer they develop in the oyster, the better chance they have of being flawless or just slightly flawed, making them extremely rare. We picked the pearls that allow to showcase the pearl's natural look. As you can expect, the surface won't be entirely smooth. It's the same concept as "Love Letter Jewelry" that we truly believe we are beautiful just the way we are. 

The look of a pearl won't change including bumps, spots, and wrinkles. As time goes on, It will remain the same. Regardless how long times passes, pearls will still remain shiny and beautiful. 


Our most gold plated jewelry is gold vermeil. Different from regular gold plating, vermeil is nickel-free and made of thick 18K gold layered on solid 925 sterling silver to give jewelry pieces their lasting colorWe also have some regular gold plated jewelry made by using electricity or chemicals that deposit and bond a thin layer of gold or silver over another metal ( i.e. stainless steel or copper ).

Regardless the type of gold plated jewelry, as time passes, the outside layer will eventually wear off. But it is dependent on how you take care of it. The more you take care of your jewelry, the less it is will wear down the gold or silver.

Please avoid water, sweat, or chemicals such as perfume from directly touching the jewelry. You can find more information on how to take care of our jewelry under the customer service section. 




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